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Union Boys

In the last twenty years I have noticed an increased interest in American history. Large groups of amateur historians study a particular period of the past and equip themselves with the clothing, weapons, and camping gear that would have been used during their chosen era. Businesses have been established to supply the increasing demand for reproductions of every imaginable item used by the soldiers and civilians that live in the pages of American history. Many Revolutionary War enthusiasts wear the tricorn hats, carry the “Brown Bess” muskets of the Colonial soldier, and gather at historic sites to recreate the battles of the Revolution. A great number of men, women, and children have an interest in the Civil War and invest much effort in buying or creating the uniforms, guns, and gear to outfit their families and even their horses with the most authentic equipment possible. Along with my own research, I have benefited from the work of the reenactors and have used many of them in creating artwork showing a historic person or event, and the three young men wearing their Union Army blues in this painting agreed to allow me to photograph them at one of their annual battle recreations.