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The Patriot

We The People - so much more than just the paper and ink that formed the elaborate script of the scribes who penned the words on the revered document - the Constitution described and identified all those common citizens who spent a lifetime of suppression and servitude, and in the desperation of unfulfilled dreams, rose up against seemingly insurmountable odds and won their freedom. Those three words inspired the visions of the citizen soldier - the patriot farmer turned militia man - mustered from scattered villages and fields with his hunting rifle and his willingness to risk his life for the hope of a new life in a new nation.

His flintlock rifle with its powder horn and pouch now hangs above the mantel, a work of art with brass inlays and scrolled carvings, but is still close at hand and can bring down game at 300 yards, or if the need should arise, can be called into service once again to protect the hard-won freedoms represented by the flag of the thirteen American colonies, and inscribed on the worn and yellowed parchment hanging nearby.